Mobile Mayhem

It’s kadro now telling you that now that I got an iPod touch i can now blog anywhere with wifi so my dream of a blogosaur is on it’s way!


Pro meeting reveiw

Yo kadro here I just was at the pro meeting today. It kinda went down after Rex never came but we just talked about the upcoming stuff. Sludge AKA fudge just showed off his jonzi account aswell. We are looking forward for Rex coming back soon. ~ kadro


kadro here and im restarting my blog mostly for my freinds to rewmember me and to get attention. ill start hiring others nd ive i trust someone ill make them my admin. for people( or dinos) who want to sighn up visit my hiring page.

~kadro the legend,(and master of cheese)

webosaurs ninja training academy

well i got bored and im makin a surprise but i wont tell it until another time but earlier i got n idea for making a ninja academy for those who get bored on webosaurs easily or for the people who think it sounds cool. on weeknds it will be at ten oclock am, on weekdays its at four pm. hope you come!

my inventions blog

well i dont really post on this site and noone checks it so i will put my inventions on this site and my latest armor weapons or ideas for tbwwoa and also the inventions are for webosaurs or they are adventures im planning.

~kadro 🙂

jordans party at dino dunes

Hi it is me kadro i just came to tell you that rex is back and that jordan hosted his own party right before comedy night.Even rex was there. Everyone was chating about stuff when rex anounced that the new landscape had a puzzle to get to it wich was going to be near dino dunes or in it. so then after that we did wood chop at sub alpine forest.That is all so see ya!

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!